Art Direction + Design + Branding + Animation
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Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design/Movement-Based Design
Sep 2000 – Aug 2003


Senior Designer (Freelance)
FX Network, Century City, CA, Aug 2019 – Oct 2019
Promos and commercial spots.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Laundry, Los Angeles, CA
Promos and commercial spots.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Charlie Co. Los Angeles, CA
Promos and Network Branding design.

Art Director, Senior Designer (Freelance)
AT&T Creative Service, El Segundo, CA, Jun 2017 – Feb 2018
Branding, promos and commercial spots.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Imaginary Forces, Los Angeles, CA, January, April – May 2017
Opening Sequence development for Dark Tower. TXU commercial. Trailer graphics for Red Sparrow. Logo Design for Boondock Saints.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Woodshop, Los Angeles, CA, Feb – March 2017
Commercial, Logo design.

Art Director
Buster, Los Angeles, CA, Jun 2012 – Oct 2016
Show opneing for ABC’s Oscar Red Carpet Show. Rebrand for Popsugar, Urban Decay. Promo for Disney Channel, NBC, CNN, E!, Cartoon Network, Entertainment Tonight, Universal Music Group. Open and show graphics for Jiangsu TV “Perfect Match.” Commercial for Modcloth.

Senior Designer
Buster/Stun Creative, Los Angeles, CA, Jun 2012 – Oct 2016
Rebrand for Bravo, Fusion, Encore, History Channel, CPK. Promo for Anthony Bourdain, Good Morning America, Nick Kids Choice Award, NFL, ABC Family Ravenswood, SYFY The Mag

Senior Designer (Freelance)
The Mill, Los Angeles, CA, Feb – Apr 2012
Project: Oscars graphics package. Mazda

Senior Designer, Animator (Freelance)
Apple, Cupertino, CA, June 2011 – September 2011
Project: Retail store videos.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Big Smack, Philadelphia, CA, Aug 2009, Oct – Nov 2009, Feb – Mar 2010 , Jun 2010
Project: OWN rebrand.

Senior Designer, Designer, Animator (Freelance)
Imaginary Forces, Los Angeles, CA, 2003-2012
Project: Rebrand for Science Channel. Opening titles for 500 Days of Summer, The Tourist, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball openign title. Show open for Smash. Commerical for Discovery, Natural History Museum. Graphics package for Country Music Award graphics package. Promo for AMC War Heroes.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Brand New School, Los Angeles, CA, 2008 – 2012
Project: Commercial for Honda, Cricket, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Aflac, Georgia Power, Valsal Paint, E-Harmony, K-Mart, Intel.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Roger, Los Angeles, CA 2011-2012
Project: Logo IDs for CineSony. Commercial for Yaris.

Senior Designer (Freelance)
Solid, Los Angeles, CA 2012
Project: Bioware TV Logo and graphics package

Designer & Animator (Freelance)
Motion Theory | Mirada, Los Angeles, CA 2010-2011
Project: Commercial for Verizon, Cigna. Opening sequence development for “Pacific Rim”

Designer (Freelance)
Superfad, Los Angeles, CA 2009
Project: Honda, Style rebrand

Designer (Freelance)
Troika, Los Angeles, CA, 2009
Project: WeTV rebrand

Designer (Freelance)
Logan, Los Angeles, CA, 2008
Project: commercial for Nissan

Designer, Art Director, Animator
Convert | The Ebeling Group, Los Angeles, CA, Oct 2004 – Jan 2007
Project: BBC America promo, ABC Family branding, OWN branding


Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Typography, Illustration, Photography, Interactive design, UI and UX design, Problem Solving, Communication, Strategy, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Cinema 4D, HTML, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).